“I have lost 26kgs, regained my self esteem and my Blood Pressure is back to normal without medication.” Mrs. Ritah   Nyagah..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDDC29aswVk
My name is Rita Nyagah; I am married to Willis Kanji and a mother of two children, my first born son Wesley Kanji and my second born daughter Leslie Kanji.

It was after the birth of my second born baby Leslie Kanji when I felt relaxed that God had blessed me with a boy and a girl a wish for most young couples.  I ate all sorts of foods expecting more breast milk.
When I resumed back to the office, none of my clothes would fit me and thus I continued putting on my maternity clothes, and people thought I was still pregnant, my legs would swell, I felt fatigued when I woke up every day in the morning and every visit to AAR showed that my high blood sugar and blood pressure kept on going up and in most cases the nurses questioned me.
After a few months, I could not bear with the swelling of my legs accompanied with a burning sensation. I decided to visit AAR City Center and explained the situation to Doctor Musau. She told me she could not give me any medication because I was breast feeding but advised me to see their Nutritionist. I owe Dr. Musau a big THANK YOU for opening my eyes. There was always a big queue of patients waiting to see the nutritionist. I booked an appointment and I was able to see Kepha (Nutritionist) after three weeks of patience.
Kepha’s nutrition program was surprisingly simple. The prescription involved eating the right food portions from all food groups, healthy snacks, exercise and increased water intake. I always thought controlling my food intake would affect my breast milk and I asked so many questions when I left the clinic.
The first two weeks were not easy; I had lots of cravings for unhealthy snacks at 10 o’clock!!  Patience, determination and self- discipline were my guiding principles. I had a goal to achieve and after two weeks, I had lost 2 kgs and my milk production increased. THIS REALLY ENCOURAGED ME.  I would express more milk for the baby when I went to the office and I was happy because I exclusively breastfed the baby for six months without giving her any water or other foods. 
I kept on visiting Kepha after every month and the results were amazingly evident!!  My clothes started fitting and fter 6 months, I had to change my wardrobe. Most of the clothes were very big.  Kepha (Nutritionist) organized a number of nutrition support groups where I met and shared experiences with other AAR members. The groups provided motivation and I learnt more on nutrition and lifestyle.
After one year,I had lost 26kgs and I felt happy. My weight has dropped from 96kgs to 70kgs. I regained my self esteem, reduced Doctors visits and my Blood sugar and pressure were back to normal without medication.  My advice goes to breast feeding mothers!  Please break the myth of excessive eating for increased milk production.  Always seek professional advice! I ate a lot but I didn’t have enough milk. I followed professional advice and my breast milk increased. I would kindly wish to thank AAR for providing this opportunity and Kepha for his invaluable advice and encouragement.  This program has made me a proud mum and I will always try my best to maintain and pass the same lifestyle to my young family.

 “Before starting weight the loss program, I used to get migraine headaches and backaches more frequently which have subsided with the weight loss.” Mrs. Monica Wanjira.

 I joined AAR nutrition program a bit over a year ago, and have lost about 24kgs so far. I have gone through many diets in the past, even went to a weight loss clinic for a while, but kept piling on the weight until I reached a peak of 109kgs.
I got a wakeup call when I received letter from AAR asking me to immediately start seeing their nutritionist or else risk losing my medical membership. I joined the program at 107 kgs after shedding off about 2kgs which had taken me a while.
The fact that I had seen other nutritionists before without success discouraged me and I thought it would have a similar experience. To my amazement, the nutritionist (Kepha) drew for me a more flexible program on the dos and don’ts. He also advised me how to measure food portions and encouraged me to take more fruits and vegetables. Since I liked meat so much, he advised me to be taking it two or three times a week instead of taking it on a daily basis.
 Little by little I also started to exercise in the house using aerobic videos which were easy to adapt especially due to the fact that I had back problems. I also went into the habit of walking a lot. Before starting weight the loss program, I used to get migraine headaches and backaches more frequently which have subsided with the weight loss.
I’ve come to learn that one can still lose weight even by working out at home. All you all need is self discipline and change of attitude.

I feel more energetic, lighter, and healthier and would never imagine myself going back to where I was.  I am now 83kgs and working towards achieving my ideal weight of 75kgs.
 I would like to thank my husband for encouraging me to take up this challenge. I also thank AAR for the provision of this opportunity and most importantly Kepha for his professional advice.


After trying to exercise for most of my life I could not lose weight! My blood pressure became severe and I was referred by AAR to a cardiologist.  He confirmed that I was hypertensive and persuaded me to see a nutritionist to guide me on weight loss.
 I always tried to lose weight through exercise. This included running 9 km, rope skipping and sit ups. I used to do this 3 times a week, but this was not sustainable due my busy work schedule. Exercise is fun but it’s not sustainable due luck of time and stress, but it’s necessary.
Since I meet Kepha (Nutritionist) and started the nutrition program, my lifestyle has changed a great deal.  I have developed a keen interest of what goes in my mouth. I am very much disciplined now than before. Sincerely, nutrition is a new concept that people have not taken seriously. Prevention is better than cure and I would encourage people to seek professional advice as early as possible. 
  • Achievements:
  • I feel light and my BP has improved a great deal.
  • I have lost a total of 10kgs and moved from a 54 size suit to 52 size 
  •  I look young and people mistake my age to be early 30s when I am 40 yrs.
  •  I am confident with myself and I would like to encourage my fellow men to change the nyama choma culture.
In my childhood, I saw my parents suffer from hypertension, diabetes, gout and stroke. My late parents died young in their late 50s because of these conditions. My doctor explained to me that if I didn't do something about my weight, I would have an increased chance of getting organ damage as a result of uncontrolled blood pressure. This motivated me to change my lifestyle.
  The nutrition program prescribed by Kepha (Nutritionist) was my other source of motivation. It was flexible, simple and practical. I started losing weight within the 1st month. This was more than a miracle!  I had tried before but it didn’t work. I begun the program on May 2011 and by December I was 82kg from 92 kg. To be sincere it’s not easy to lose weight but all you need is professional advice. I would encourage especially my fellow men to be careful because apart from illness, excessive weight gain affects libido something that men fear to accept. When I carry a 10kg bale of unga, I feel a great sense of achievement having lost 10 kg.  
Ignorance has no defense, it’s not too late to start being serious with your health. We lose our health to make money and then lose money to restore our health in old age. I feel sorry to our youth who are exposed to harmful beverages and fast food.  When I remember my parents and see elderly people in hospital, it makes me sad to think that old age is not only associated with sickness but financial implications as well. By tuning in to your body's signals in regards to exercise and food, you can begin a path to overall health and wellness.


 By Jacinta Wakahora.


I was referred to the nutritionist by AAR Health Services as a precondition of having  my cover renewed.  I only went when the renewal notice for the family came and my name was missing. I knew I was to either comply or be on my own. I felt really bad, all along my belief was that the weight problem was a hereditary one and shedding it off was a tall order.


I met Kepha Nyanumba  at the AAR Clinic at ICEA building along Kenyatta Avenue. I informed him that I really felt harassed by AAR due to my weight which I had personally accepted and which ran in our family. Kepha’s calm attitude made me come back to my senses. He listened to me attentively and when done with my complaints, it was my turn to listen and provide the relevant information he required. He told me what to do especially on my feeding habits and necessity for exercise. He told me to adopt his recommendations and return for an appointment after a week I must admit that the only reason why I followed his advice is because it did not involve dieting. 


Before I accepted my weight I had tried dieting with disastrous results. I had also enrolled in the gym previously but after stopping I had regained all the weight I had lost and some bonus. I had sworn never to diet or waste money in the gym. I can’t however describe the feeling of frustration I felt when I went to look for clothes to wear. I had to do with only what fitted me. I could afford but I could not wear what I wanted.


One week after, on 13.6.2010 on a Sunday afternoon after church I went for my appointment. Believe it or not I had lost a whole 4 kgs . I was overjoyed and my last born daughter 9 year old Hope Njoki Wakahora was so overjoyed I knew my weight had been a problem to her.Kepha was right .I needed to completely change my eating habits and exercise. I felt like I had been born again. My attitude completely changed and accepted that I needed help. I felt a burning urge to do it right. My husband and daughter gave me such support I realized I must have been hurting them and they really wanted me to change resolved to be seeing the nutritionist after every two weeks. We all adopted the new healthy lifestyle. 


A few months after the results were evident. My clothes were bigger and I was really feeling great. My friends started asking questions and I have since then had to keep retelling my story. my daughters came from school to find a new me. They too were overjoyed with one of them telling me that she thanked God for she now knew she did not have those dangerous fat genes. She told me she had silently been praying that she had not inherited that from me. I introduced my sister Irene Wangui Ndirangu  to AAR and five months down the line she too has a story to tell having shed over 13.5 kgs.


To loose weight

·         One must change your attitude. It all starts in the brain and you must accept that you need help.

·         One must respect the professionals in this case the nutritionists and get the relevant help from them.

·         Be prepared to follow the advice given by them and wait to see the results


 In 8 months I have shed off 25kgs. From 108 kgs to 83 kgs. Reduced my waist circumference by 20.1 cm .from 112 cms to 91.5 cms.  I have reduced my body fat and improved my BMI which was nothing but pathetic. See a few attached photos


I most sincerely thank the AAR Health Services for opening my eyes ,Kepha Nyanumba for invaluable advice, support and encouragement. Premier fitness centre in Finance House for a wonderful gym and excellent trainers and above all my family who have been patient with me and loved me just as I am and their ardent support.

 I promise to keep up with the life style i have now adopted and not to let you down. I have not reached my target weight. I still have a lot to work on but I am certain I will be there. 

Sincerely Jacinta

3rd February 2011

Name: Hellen Omusi Lyambili

I had been unwell for 2 years on and off to hospital. One day a doctor at AAR mentioned to me that I was obese. My weight was 95.5kgs in September 2009.I always wanted to grow old with my children and this meant I had to do something with my weight. I took a brave decision to join AAR Nutrition and Weight loss program.

On September 09, I visited AAR and requested to see a nutritionist .I met Kepha and since then I haven’t regretted. I started the program and by 21/03/10 it was confirmed that I was weighing 80kg from 95.5kg. I had lost 15.5kgs. I wanted to go down to at least 75kg but my aim was 70kg.

At first, losing weight was an up-hill task but after joining the program, I discovered that what I needed was the right information. With guidance from the nutritionist, I had to stick to the program. Surprisingly, I didn’t exercise for 3 months and my weight was still coming down. Just eating healthy and checking on the food portions. Sufficient water intake is important as well. I take 3 liters of water per day and sometimes more. I have introduced 2 of my friends on the nutrition programme and I feel good when people tell me I look young and beautiful. I want to be a testimony to a person who thinks he/she can’t loose weight. Nothing is impossible.
Generally, the weight loss program is very good. Mr. Kepha is kind and friendly and the friends I have referred to him are happy. My lifestyle has changed. My food intake has reduced and I prefer healthy foods. I know what to eat and at what time. I eat when am hungry not thirsty.

When one wants to lose weight, the decision should come from the person him or herself not from anyone else.
Hard work and discipline pays and never give up. Sometimes the weight keeps fluctuating but don’t give up.
I would like to have a one on one talk with people who would like to loss and offer encouragement. Given an opportunity I can give a talk.


“…I'll never forget the terror I felt for 8years” Mrs. Jane Gichuki
I had been suffering various problems with my digestive system for some time and was diagnosed with gastritis! I was prohibited from taking most of the foods because of persistent stomach pains till I had no food left to eat. Despite this, stomach pains continued for 8 years since 2005!  On several occasions, I went for endoscopy and colonoscopy but the results were always negative.  I was always on pain killers till I got to point where only intravenous medication would ease the pain. But this did not last for long!  The pains would go away for a few hours, and I'd think “Oh well, it's gone now, but they always came back”.
The pains were so much! I would wake-up with pains in the morning, have them throughout the day and there are several days I went to AAR at night because of stomach pains. One night I woke up at 3 a.m. in agony, I realized that these on-off symptoms had been going on for some time, and now I was worried that I had waited too long to ever get better (you know how it feels when you're in such pain in the middle of the night!). I can laugh about it now, but I'll never forget the terror I felt for 8years.
One day I went to AAR and I happened to read about Kepha (nutritionist) in one of the AAR Magazines. I decided to consult him for my problem as the last result. He was absolutely great! Kepha seemed to really understand my panic, but he managed to calm me down in just a couple of minutes. I felt empowered with 'something to do about it' and a real plan to move forward. I made quite a few changes in my diet, as kepha had recommended, and I started to feel better in just a few days. I had less stomach pains and was rather enjoying the foods I would not eat before!
I kept waiting for the stomach pains in the first month of consulting Kepha and it was incredible that I did not get any pains! I cannot believe that such a simple treatment regime, for just a few days, could change my whole well-being – incredible. I started to feel better just 3 days into the program and I haven't looked back since. I will be forever grateful to Kepha’s, professionalism and for the kind words and gentle encouragement.


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